I highly recommended Anthony Grasso Headshot Photography. Anthony was amazing from the beginning ! Before, during and after the session. He made me feel so comfortable and I hate getting my pictures taken said the actor. My agents and managers love them and what I really love is that they look like a stills from a film rather then pictures looking like they were taken inside a studio. If youre looking for great shots look no further.
— Mitch Poulas
The experience I had with Anthony taking my new photos were amazing. He has a very good eye for camera looks and captures the pure essence of every person he photographs.
— Norman Outlaw
I loved working with Anthony! His energy is amazing and he really knows how to make your personality stand out in every picture that he takes!
— Idil Tekelioglu
What I love about working with Anthony is he is excellent in “pinpointing” things with clarity for the actor. May it through an acting class, his headshots and or directing a film.
— Paul Krasner
Anthony delivers on the promise to tailor each shoot to the unique qualities/needs you present as an actor. As an experienced actor and teacher, he collaborates with you to showcase who you are uniquely, and how you best represent yourself in this business. One of the strongest tool sets I have are my headshots from Anthony Grasso.
— Ramona Floyd
Anthony was a dream to work with and made me feel so comfortable right from the beginning. There were no surprises, he walked me through each step and was extremely professional in helping me with wardrobe choices, type and what kind of shots I was looking for. I was blown away by the results!!! I booked my 1st Job on his unedited proof shot if that gives you any indication of Anthony’s talent and eye to get the best out of his client. I’ve since been booking jobs with these new beautiful headshots and have not had to recommend Anthony Grasso, because other actors have come to me and straight up asked me, wow who did your headshots...and I tell them: Anthony Robert Grasso.
Now what are YOU waiting for?
— Kim Elizabeth
What I measure in a photographer is quality of the portraits with value. Anthony Grasso aptly satisfies both.  His talent and demeanor helped me get the best pictures; to express what I needed to get casting directors to notice.  Anthony incorporates his vast experience as an actor and an acting teacher, to get the results I needed.  I highly recommend Anthony Grasso as you photographer
— Harry Chamberry
Being a professional photographer on top of an actor, I was beyond impressed with the NUMBER of quality photos Anthony was able to deliver per set, in addition to a quick turnaround.  He’s a veteran actor as well and knows exactly what casting directors and directors need.
— Steve Berrebi
Shooting with Anthony was was fun, easy and relaxed. I really appreciated Anthony’s detailed advice on my wardrobe too. In my pre-shoot consult he gave me very specific clothing and color recommendations.  He was very generous with this time, over the following week, as as send him photos of options and following his suggestions allowed my type to be crystal clear in my photos.
— Sarah Louise Lilley
I’ve worked with many very expensive headshot photographers, and only ended up with some glossy shots that were “beautiful” but nothing else. Anthony let’s you be yourself and captures your essence. I love the pics we took together, and we had a lot of fun! In only a few months I’ve noticed the industry positively responding to my new headshots. Very happy!
— Yurie Collins
Anthony is a total pro and at the same time is a total pleasure to work with. Anthony has a clear vision of where he wants to go with your look and values the input you provide to him—I found it to be a totally collaborative experience. Best of all, Anthony was fun, the shoot was relaxed and we laughed a lot. Anthony doesn’t need to try to get you to relax, he’s so easy to be around that you don’t have to worry about it. The results of our photo session were incredible—there were almost too many quality shots from which to choose. I ended up selecting four diverse photots to cover the marketing needs of my acting career. I expect these photos to have a very big impact in my latest promotional push. I should also mention Anthony’s superlative retouching skills. I have been a high-end photoshop retoucher myself and Anthony’s work was well worth the price he charges. His work from start to finish is of the highest quality. And did I mention that I had fun?  :-)
— Brian MacReady