TV pacing vs Film pacing. Know the difference!

TV pacing vs Film pacing. This is a common oversight many actors miss at their auditions. If you are reading for a cop for a sitcom it is a very different than reading for a cop for a  Law & Order audition You must understand the tone and the pacing for the genre you are reading. Also know the writer's work (Google them) For example, if you are reading say for an Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network & Moneyball) film and even though it is a film audition, you can find out that he came from TV and his style is rapid speed and much faster pace for film. This will help you make strong choices that are appropriate for the material.  

This is one of the things I cover in my class. My approach is arming my students with information and offering strong technique to help book the job!

April 3rd and April 4th is my next Free audit dates for my Tuesday and Wednesday classes. March is sold out but a few spaces will be opening for April and May. If you are serious in looking for a on - camera class than email me your pic/resume and what date you would like to audit. Email me at You must have some prior training for either class. 

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