Here is what some actors and the industry are saying about Anthony.

"Anthony is a real joy to work with.  When hiring a director, I want someone who will make actors feel safe and pull the best performance out of them.  Anthony embodies this completely.  The movie we collaborated on together went to the Los Angeles Film Festival Awards as well as the Long Island Film Festival and received rave reviews.  I plan to collaborate with him again in the future."   -Alex Witherow - Actor

"Anthony Grasso is the true definition of a professional. His knowledge both in front of and behind the camera makes him an outstanding asset on set. He analyzes a scene and can truly bring a character to life. I look forward to working with Anthony again. "  - Michael Lucas – Director of Billy’s Cult

"The great thing about working with Anthony Grasso is that he makes you feel comfortable about yourself and your work, so you find yourself in a place where you can open up and just let the energy flow... He understands human psyche and caters to each individual, to be able to tap into their own selves to be the best actor they can be. " - Sam Feuer – Producer of THE FIRST GRADER, Sixth Sense Productions

"Every thing Anthony touches turns to gold.  He is an intuitive and insightful actor and that comes clearly across in his photography as well.  He is a master of his craft and an incredible generous, beautiful individual."   - Natalie Roy

"Anthony Grasso is a joy to work with and an absolute professional. His class has taught me to be comfortable with myself both off the camera and on. His use of different method techniques and exercises used and modified for each individual help everyone grow and learn, not just for themselves, but together. His ability to break down scenes and analyze scripts with the class help students find more meaning in their work and make more specific and interesting choices. He is not only a teacher but my mentor, and, I am happy to say my friend. " -  Michael Finnerty- Actor

"As a teacher, Anthony Grasso can be described as Dynamic, Hilarious, Enthusiastic, Generous, Patient, Passionate, and Profound. From the first moment, he had an uncanny way of identifying that thing that makes me "me" and empowering me to fully embrace it in both auditions and performance. His experience as the Former Founder of Breakthrough Studios, a networking studio for actors to meet Agents and Casting Directors, gives Anthony the cutting edge knowledge to be able to share with us the standards that the industry demands.

It’s obvious that Anthony - a brilliant, successful and finely trained actor himself - truly loves teaching and wants to see his students succeed. He has always gone above and beyond the call of duty not only to teach on–camera technique and coach actors on the business but to help each actor overcome their personal obstacles related to the craft." -  Alan Hasnas- Actor

"Working with Anthony Grasso has been a true gift. He has helped me to strengthen and solidify my craft in so many ways. He has not only been there for me as teacher, but as a friend who cares about who I am as an actor. He teaches from the heart and has shown me that I am capable of so much more than what I see on the surface. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today as a PERSON, as well as an ACTOR, if Anthony Grasso has not been a part of it. I also booked a featured role in Billy’s Cult (a film he was starring in) from his recommendation to the director. " - Elisa Linfante – Actor

"AGS, Anthony Grasso’s on-camera film/tv on –going workshops are the best kept secret in NYC!
Not only do you learn the best techniques for acting for film/TV but auditioning as well. He breaks down the technique in the simplest terms to help you bring yourself and your imagination to the part. No wonder his students continue studying with him for long periods of time. It’s like an actors gym. You strengthen and flex your acting muscles and grow confident and stay prepared.
In addition, his headshot photography is unprecedented in NYC. His eye as a photographer and being an accomplished actor himself, compliment his teaching and his detail to the work." - Fady Kerko – Actor

"Throughout the past few years living in New York City and pursuing a career in film/television acting, Anthony Grasso‘s television scene study and audition technique class inspired me to always find truth & creative abundance in my work. He has really been an amazing mentor and acting coach to me and others. He truly cares about his students, and is more generous with his time, advice, focused attention and heart than any other teacher I have worked with. He also has taken my headshots (which have gotten me a ton of work!) I cannot say enough wonderful things about Anthony. " -  Krista Chandlee/ Actor

"Anthony is a special teacher and person to me. He truly is one of the reasons I am comfortable with myself and who I am today as a person and actor. From the first day I met him he was honest and did not sugar coat anything; this is so vital in our industry! He helped me transform into the "real me”, he told me to just accept myself, to stop worrying about changing my accent, and to embrace my uniqueness and quirkiness and to not apologize.
Anthony's teaching technique is unique too- he is a well-rounded and trained actor so he pulls from all the methods and techniques. This is so helpful because he allows us to fully understand the subject and make our own connections to the lines in front of us. I remember leaving my first session at Anthony's so frustrated and upset at myself. Since then, he taught me so much and now I'm on the train headed to a feature film shoot earning my next SAG waiver. I will always be grateful to Anthony Grasso, he is an extraordinary person and teacher!! Without him i wouldn't be the actor I am today! " - Valentina D’Amore – Actor / Model

"Anthony's class goes beyond just a simple recording to exercise your abilities and skills as an actor. There is so much more that goes into the development of our scenes and parts. We have warm ups for the body, voice, our acting and others which in result help tune us in with our awareness and emotions. Anthony is really knowledgeable about the craft in pretty much all areas, from theatre, Broadway to TV, film, commercials and auditions. It's like a one stop place to hone, develop, explore, understand and embrace your talents! He is amazingly insightful. One of the best things about his classes is that he allows you to be you, and however you go about finding that truth within and bringing it out in your performance, you can do it. " -  Walter Perez – Actor