Here is what some actors and the industry are saying about Anthony.

Anthony Grasso is a force to be reckoned with. His exceptional talent is only exceeded by his profound humanity and care of people. Watching Anthony on screen is a delicacy. His nuances, his intensity, his vulnerability and his commitment make him truly mesmerizing. I love his work. He is an inspiration. Anthony Grasso is a champion.
— Clyde Baldo
Anthony brings an energy to his craft that compels his fellow actors to reach new heights in each scene, on each take. He made me want to work harder as a director. Anthony is collaborative, intuitive, deep on character, and strong on story. His performance is natural but carries emotive power... and he’s a damn nice guy to hang out with bet ween takes. It was a distinct pleasure working with him, and I sincerely look forward to the opportunity to do so again.
— Joe Kelly Director-Writer
Anthony Grasso is the true definition of a professional. His knowledge both in front of and behind the camera makes him an outstanding asset on set. He analyzes a scene and can truly bring a character to life. I look forward to working with Anthony again.
— Michael Lucas, Director of Billy's Cult
Anthony Grasso is a  passionate gifted, actor, his presence on screen is mesmerizing and his on set professionalism is an asset to any production!
— Donna McKenna (CSA Casting Director/ Independent Film Producer)
After personally working with Anthony on 2 projects (as an actor and producer) I would jump at the chance to work with him again and again. Not only does he come prepared, he comes ready to work, to collaborate, to inspire. I have seen him in other projects too and he is always surprising, present and compelling to watch. His range is enormous. In addition to his skills as an actor, you couldn’t ask for a better team player. 
— Christine Verlany
They say 90% of directing is casting. Working with Anthony Grasso, I couldn’t agree more. I was honoured to have Anthony play the lead in my sci-fi thriller, KILL AL. Anthony is completely captivating in the role because he has no fear and is completely in-touch with his innate talent. The choices Anthony made were bold, brave, and extremely complex. He is the type of actor that brings himself into a role while adding layers to the character that is not written on the page. I appreciate his passion to enrich a story through his contributions. On set, he shows a high degree of professionalism that is coupled with a pleasant, friendly demeanor. Without a doubt, I will work with Anthony again. Highly recommended actor.
— Walter Brandes, Brand RV Productions
I’ve had the pleasure of both casting and directing Anthony Grasso, and he is a pure joy to work with. One of those actors who will always deliver, and deliver well!  Often when I’m writing a new script, I’ll write with certain actors in mind who inspire me. Anthony is one of those actors, and I can’t wait to work with him again. Gritty, romantic, intense, funny; he does it all. 
— Debra Markowitz, Intention Films and Media
Anthony is a smart actor… he really gets it. He’s funny, balls-to-the-wall awesome and charming as all get out. Anthony knows how to make me look good in the room by coming in on point and well-prepared. And those eyes….yaaaaas. Happy to say that I’ve cast him and my team loved working with him. I can depend on Anthony. And he’s straight-up adorable.
— Brette Goldstein (Casting Director)
Anthony is the consummate actor. His pursuit to continually unearth more for each character he inhabits results in bringing richness, depth and multi-dimensional aspects to all his roles. He has an extremely curious and creative mind which translates into making a director’s job easier, his fellow actors’ performances enhanced and the story more nuanced. He’s one of those people one loves to have on a project not only for his abundant talent but because of his beautiful humanity and positive spirit.
— Renée Stork (Actor/Director)
Anthony Grasso is brilliant. His thoughtful and unique perspective of each role he inhabits not only lifts the character off the page and onto the screen in ways a writer and a director can only dream about, but he makes them completely his own. With Anthony, it’s personal — every character he portrays he inhabits completely - as if they’ve been living in him forever.  It’s awe inspiring to watch him transform before your eyes.  He is a true artist.  He is also delightful to work with, good natured, dedicated to craft, and professional.  I also must add -  his comedic timing is impeccable. He has literally made me laugh out loud on set and in the edit bay.  He just gets it.  But what I most admire about Anthony is that his love for the work shines through in everything he does.
— Dana Marisa Schoenfeld, Director/Writer
Anthony Grasso is the most ideal person to work with and create with as a filmmaker. He takes in everything that you share and finds a way to create his own and bring something to the screen you couldn’t imagine. I had the pleasure of working with him on my thesis film during film school, and he treated me like any other professional director. Listening to my thoughts and ideas, and bouncing his own back at me. He really gave me the confidence I needed, and became more than just a colleague but, a good friend. Anthony is a skilled and talented actor that is sure to take on any role and bring it to life. 
— Henry Grenier
Anthony Robert Grasso is what I call a Master Craftsman. Every single one of his performances is so widely varied: layered, intense, hilarious. In comedy, his physicality is fascinating and his timing is impeccable. You find yourself laughing so hard you’re practically peeing in your pants. In drama - no matter the role or genre, you’ll watch Anthony with your jaw dropped, shaking your head in amazement or choking back tears. And he accomplishes all this with nuance, power and emotional depth. What a brilliant, tender, passionate, dedicated, generous beast of an Artist. Who wouldn’t want to work with him?
— Amanda Brooke Lerner, Actor
Anthony Grasso; he is more than an actor, he is an artist in every sense of the word.  He brings such an amazing amount of passion, talent and optimism to everything he doe - a joyous, gifted actor.  He is also an accomplished artist, photographer, teacher and director.  He is a true “Renaissance Man” and delves deeply into his characters to the point that he looses himself fully and takes you happily along for the ride.  He is also, surprisingly, extremely funny!  If I had to compare him to someone acting today, I would say, he’s like a George Clooney.  Gorgeous, smart, talented, he does it ALL.
— Diana Prano, Multi Media Talent Management
Anthony is one of those rare talents. It is evident in his brilliant nuanced work. His presence of moment and physicalization is superb. His ability to embody the character makes him such a great actor. He can work any genre and is a master story-teller. It is such a pleasure and honor to work with him.
— Lydia Fiore, Actor/Producer